SDM Home Inspections inspects and tests for mold using the InterNACHI and IAC2 standards of practice. After consultation with the client to discuss concerns, we will make recommendations regarding inspection and sampling. Below you can find details on inspections and testing along with associated costs. Please note that after visual inspection the inspector may recommend specific testing and analyses.

While we can perform a mold inspection without samples, we cannot take samples without an inspection.

Complete Inspection

A complete inspection is necessary if you are concerned about mold in your home. Perhaps you are having health / allergy symptoms and suspect mold, but do not know the source. This inspection is a non destructive visual inspection of all areas in the home that may allow moisture entry including:

  • Roof and Gutters
  • Exterior and Grounds
  • Heating Cooling and Ventilation
  • Visible Plumbing
  • Attic Ventilation and Insulation
  • Crawlspace
  • Interior
  • Moisture, Humidity and Temperature
Your inspection includes a detailed report as well as lab analyses of all samples taken.
Typical Complete Inspection: $225 – $275

Limited Inspection

A limited inspection MAY be sufficient if you have had a water event in your home and just want to test for the presence of mold. Such events might include a localized flood, a leaking water heater or a leaking window. YOU have done the work of isolating the water infiltration.

We will inspect one or two interior areas (such as a laundry room and adjacent closet or bedroom), for Moisture, Humidity and Temperature and suggest appropriate sampling methods.  

Your inspection includes a limited report as well as lab analyses of all samples taken. 

Typical Limited Inspection: $125 – $150

Air Sampling

This test samples the air in your home against a control sample taken outside your home. This test samples the air that you are breathing and is helpful in determining if there is an elevated mold count inside your home.

A minimum of 2 samples are required. One baseline (outside) and one inside. Depending on circumstances the inspector may suggest more than one inside sample.

$85 Per Sample

Surface Sampling

Surface sampling is a way of identifying the type of growth on a surface. Is that spot mold or dust? A surface sample will tell you if the suspected growth is mold, and which type.

This non invasive sample is perfect when you want to know what might be growing on your walls and do not have other health concerns.

$85 Per Sample

In-Wall Sampling

Do you suspect mold in your walls? 

Using our air sampling equipment we can sample air inside a wall cavity. This might be useful if you think your tub / shower is leaking, or if plumbing is leaking behind a wall causing mold to grow.

This test MAY require a small 1/4″ hole to be drilled into the wall and will require a waiver for holes drilled.

This is an air quality test and requires a baseline sample as well.

$85 for Control Sample and $100 Per In-Wall Sample