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Benefits of Thermal Imaging

In this thermal scan of the exterior of a mobile home with the furnace running while chilly outside, you can clearly see heat loss at the single pane windows, which is to be expected.

What is striking is the amount of heat loss through the evaporative cooler that is mounted on the roof. A simple cover (either inside or out) would be saving this homeowner a lot of lost energy.

Thermal Imaging is an amazing tool. It allows us to pinpoint issues in inaccessible areas, such as inside walls, soffit areas, and vaulted ceilings where it is impossible to get above to see insulation.

Three of the greatest benefits of Thermal Imaging are:

Identifying Moisture

When moisture settles in a wall, ceiling or floor it will typically indicate a much cooler temperature than the surrounding areas. Many times there is no visual indication on the wall that there is an issue behind it.

Identifying Electrical Issues

When electrical wiring erodes or connections loosen, it causes heat at the connection points which can be identified by our thermal imaging system. By locating these early you prevent the possibility of a house fire and can hire an electrician to repair the issue.

Identifying Heat and Cooling Loss

With utility bills rising to the point that they are the second or third most expensive monthly cost for most families, let us SHOW you where your home’s weak points are. We can identify heat and cooling loss as well as areas with weak insulation.

Thermal Scans are included in ALL of our home inspections at no extra cost

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